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WOW my daughter is 13 today!!!

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on July 21, 2009

I have a teenage daughter!!! She is so amazing and I adore every bit of being her mom. My Mickey is so responsible and easy to parent-makes my job very easy. Things are changing and its not the same, but she is growing and becoming a wonderful young lady. I expect so much from her and she always gives 110%.

The picture of her today was taken right before our family birthday party-the pants are crazy, our neighbor gave them to Cady last weekend during the neighborhood garage sale, told her if you take these pants you can have “everything you want for free” I was so appreciative when Cady came home with arms full of junk and those pants.  Now Mickey thinks they are hilarious to wear…I’m not so amused but, oh well she’s her own person now. Tonight we are having a girls night, just her and I!!! Out to eat and then the new Harry Potter movie, I dont’ know who is more excited. And yes, I do feel older….oh well it was bound to happen :). Just wondering if she will wear the pants or not? Hmmm…… Love my Mickey girl.


Again sorry for my lacking computer skills, my software won’t let me rotate them, not sure why.

We are leaving for our whirlwind family vactions in a few days, first its Disneyword to see Mickey perform down maintreet in her marching band, we are spending 4 days in the parks-wish us luck! Then we are on our way to Wyoming to spend a relaxing 3 weeks with my parents in the country near Yellowstone park. So excited for that-I love it there, my kids are free to ride horses, play freely outside 24-7…. ahhh….. bliss!


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