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I miss my mommy :(

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on June 13, 2009

P6130640Its been one hour since I dropped my mom off at the airport and I’m sad, even big grown up girls miss their mom’s I guess.  Mikayla is on another marching band trip, Cady is at an end of the school year party, Everett went camping with his dad (please pray that he survives-yes I’m silly but James is not as good as I am at making sure he lives to adulthood-just a matter of fact)…so its just Gabriel the dogs, the cats and myself (and I’m not used to this quiet). Gabriel is cooing in his carseat while I neglect…I mean update my sorry blog. I am seriously so afraid he will get a flat head that I HATE to put him in his car seat but for whatever reason he adores being in there. UGH! We do tummy time and he likes it for all of 3 minutes, I have the Bumbo chair and while he ADORES it only for so long, the swing not so much…never had a baby like a car seat this much. Anyway mostly I wear him or hold him so I suppose 10 minutes here and there won’t give him a flat head.

We had a wonderful 2 weeks full of as much as you can possibly fit in of school activities, one play performance (they won 3rd btw!), band/choir performances, gymnastics, exercising (my mom’s a workout junkie)….lots and lots of wonderful fun and a clean house with my laundry caught up, my plants/gardens all taken care of. Now it will all go south….there just isnt’ enough hours in the day. I think keeping a vegie/flower garden is not the best idea for a mom w/ 4 children one of which keeps me running sun up to sun down (Mikayla), one who is free spirited and needs to be busy (Cady), and one who is a superhero in training (Everett), and a new baby who may be the best baby in the world-or at least in the top 10 of best babies that ever lived-but he’s still a baby and we don’t want flat head syndrome. James has been busy planning our Disneyworld trip-we are soooooo excited! That will be towards the end of July after that I”ll be gone for the rest of the summer :). We’ll see how well a family of 4 kids travels.

Here are some pictures of my gorgeous mommy and my amazing kiddoes.



One Response to “I miss my mommy :(”

  1. Angie said

    I am glad you had a wonderful visit with your mom. Your kids are so beautiful! I can’t believe how big E has gotten.

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