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My life is insane but in a good way :)

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on June 8, 2009

So life is busy, sorry haven’t updated recently.

Lets see this week we had an awards assembly for Mikayla, a concert for Cady, my mom flew in from out West, Mickey’s marching band performed in a HUGE parade (all of us hours in the sun) and they WON!!!! She is soooooo flippen adorable, she marches with the HS band…oh my little baby she is so tiny out there with her big trombone blasting away and marching perfectly. Then we raced to Cady’s performance at this absolutely AMAZING theater in our nearby city this is a HUGE contest that their school has won before, the grand prize is a trip to the Bronx Zoo (where they will also perform). I don’t know how they did in the contest!!!??? Results were announced today and we didn’t have time to go see who won. Mikayla had her ice cream social/fundraiser where she performed with the Jazz band. My husband had a reunion/BBQ today with family friends at his parents house that we attended. I also had to visit my friend who was here from Florida only for a day, GAH! Did I mention we also went to Gymnastics all freaking week long and I somehow managed to put in a vegetable garden and work out AND eat healthy-somehow, see there is such thing as miracles!!!? And my house does not look like a tornado hit it only because my mom is here, Heaven bless her for all she does when she visits. So ya, life is absolutely freaking insane. The end of the school year is always like this. Everett LOVED the parade, he’d already seen Cady’s play and so I had his favorite babysitter watch him for that. Next week will be much the same. Another concert, another parade…mom is leaving :(, my house will show it.

Gabriel remains the easiest and sweetest baby that ever graced our home, oh my am I in love. I rarely give him up. I have never been a possessive mamma before, really I’m just not one of those people who hates it when other people hold their baby. Uh, I am now. It is weird and maybe I’m just weird but he gives me a sense of peace that I can feel-and I just don’t want to loose a moment of his baby time. Generally speaking I put him in my sling so that NOBODY will ask to hold him. I guess I’m a greedy mommy :).

Everett is amazing me!!! OH MY GOSH!!! He can focus!!! Holy all that is sacred (sorry God) I never thought he could come this far! I am fairly certain he will be kicked out of his special pre-K after the first eval, the fish oil has made a world of difference in him. He’s still Everett, he still has a hard time with transitions, he still has a hard time with being sensory overloaded, he still is obsessed with the damn sugary/candy/white flour/carb laden foods that we try to avoid….ugh! But he is doing A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!! He can color for more then 30 seconds, he can play with one toy for more then a minute, he can finish something…….he can sit through one hour of extremely boring church )what I mean by that is boring for a 3 year old :)! all without a meltdown. He can actually stop before the meltdown starts, or even weirder for me, I can see the wheels turning as he decides not to do something, like that connection is starting to form-the one where he actually thinks about the consequence after the action. Do I think it’s all the fish oil? I don’t know…but it’s hard to think it is something else considering we haven’t changed much else. I did get rid of fragrances and strong perfumes and changed to scent free detergent about the same time. Today my mom put on scented lotion and while putting E man into his car seat he’s like “what’s that smell!!” over and over until we finally figured it was my mom. So yes trying to not overwhelm his senses may have helped too, still we are out in public and while its hard for him as he is overwhelmed with everything he is doing AMAZING!!! Meltdown/tantrums seem more like a typical 3 year old, BIG DEAL for us! He is coming around to his brother, still mostly ignoring him but when he does pay attention he is very loving and appropriate. He pats his back and tries to coo at him to get him to smile when he thinks I’m not looking. I have a very good feeling that when Gabriel is older and moving they are going to be best friends :). For now he’s just cute adorable slobbering baby to E man, not somebody to play with.

Okay got to get some sleep, bit day tomorrow.

One last thing, somehow I am managing to exercise and I have to say this is HUGE for me. I am feeling like a 20 something year old inside, even if body doesnt’ quite match that yet. One of my good friends watches the baby so I can workout, there is onsight care for E man at the gym and I scheduled it during gymnastics so we’re out and about anyway. I also planted flowers and as mentionedd above vegie garden. These things are all important to my soul/spirit and give me calm serenity/joy. Now that we finally have some good weather I plan on walking my dogs in the early AM. I dont’ have time to write but I’m gearing up to do that when life allows me to (thinking when E man starts pre-K).


3 Responses to “My life is insane but in a good way :)”

  1. Angie said

    Hello! I have followed your journey for awhile now. I am so happy for you and your growing family. My husband and I are foster parents hoping to adopt. It looks like our current placements that we have had for 18 months are now headed for RU. I was just wondering- I think you might be in NY? If so, what agency are you using? We are wanting to adopt an AA or biracial boy (or girl)- I feel like it’s never going to happen if we just keep fostering. How did you do it?

  2. Wow, I am just exhausted reading this…whew!

  3. footstepsonmyheart said

    Angie-we are in NY but the agency we used works with people from all over the US. My email is, send me an email and I’ll forward you the agency info.

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