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Posted by footstepsonmyheart on May 18, 2009

I really feel like writing. My house was a total disaster yesterday and my sweet and loving husband cleaned it for me. Why is it that one morning of getting kids off to school can trash a house so quickly? Also why is it I can do 10 loads of laundry and still have more to do the next day? I think we have too many clothes….for real. I’m thinking of having my girls get rid of half of their clothes. Also, maybe this is disgusting, maybe not but I feel you can use a towel more then one time and can wear jeans/pants more then once so long as they aren’t too dirty. Instead of lazily throwing it in the basket for mom to do. I’m also thinking Mikayla is old enough to start doing her own laundry. Recently I’ve got some work to do with my older children on cleaning up after themselves. They used to be so good at it and now….not so much. I suppose it’s like all things unless you are right on top of it good habits can slide.

I"m typing while Gabriel is sleeping in my Ergo carrier, we’ve been using a sling but he’s not a huge fan once he get’s sleepy. Also I always seem to manage to do I’ve created a baby who can’t sleep without mommy. I feel all children that are adopted go through the attachment phases right now he’s in "anxiouse attachment" and watches to see where I am and needs to be reasured that I will always be here. Not to mention that I feel strongly in baby wearing out of principle. I don’t let my babies cry it out….that’s just me. I have mommy friends of bio kids who do and their children are happy well adjusted kids. I personally can’t do it and don’t want to.  The downside of the Ergo is that it fully displays my lovely extra fluff and droppy boobs. Oh well 😦 until the rest of this weight and my much dreamed of tummy tuck and breast lift I’ll just have to not worry about it because both my back and this baby LOVE the Ergo carrier and E is not being jealous of it as par his usual reaction to watching baby be carried in something he feels is HIS carrier. It has a "sleepy hood" so when he falls asleep I can just snap it on, I do worry Gabe doing the splits around my ample middle cannot be good for him, but he doesn’t seem to mind it. I can clean, type, and prep-cook (I don’t do the hot stuff) really this is just awesome!!! He loves to look up in my eyes while in the Ergo and seems content happy where as with the sling he was not having how squishyness that is what I can surmise as to why he hate dit. Also it was throwing my hip to one side and aggravated my old lady back issues so….we have moved to the Ergo.  In public I suffer us both with the sling, I know I’m vain, but it’s cute and it HIDES my fluff and droopy boobs :). And he likes it when he is awake and can look out….just not when he’s sleepy and I try and tuck him in, nope not a fan.

Everett got in to the pre-K which is a whole blog entry in of itself. Basically they put his I.Q. in the 70’s, blah! I’m seriously PO’d at that one and went off on them when I was told. First of all he wasn’t cooperating with the tests, could not focus, and was in a nut shell acting like a crazy man, so how did they exactly come up with those figures? Everyone who works with him on a regular basis (not just his mom) knows he is bright!  Anyway, oh well, it got him into the special Pre-K….it’s not a permanent assessment. I’ll get over it. Also his behavior has improved remarkably. He went from I couldn’t to anything to work with him to normal E-I attribute this to Fish oil, I know it sounds crazy, but its the only thing that we changed and I’m here to tell you I am NOT into that sort of thing, I mean I’m okay with some holistic ideas but mostly I think it’s out there…ya know, I’m sorry for my readers who do believe. I think it stems from my mom always pushing this type of stuff on me and my brothers and not ever feeling there was a marked difference compared with mainstream medical help. Anyway I also don’t like him being overmedicated on steroids for his asthma/allergies. So now that this fish oil worked a miracle my mind is opening.  He is talking more, he is concentrating more, he is able to think through things rather then act totally on impulse. I wouldn’t have believed it if somebody had told me what a difference it would make in him. We can go out in public now-honestly was scared to for the past 2 weeks. There is a Chiropractor a city away from us that works with peds kids with asthma. I’m going….because most of the time I don’t have to put him on Steroids but when I do, he turns into psycho E and that is not fair to him. If there is something that can help him breath that is NOT strong meds I’m going to look for it from now on. I’m not going to be weird about it and let his breathing get out of control but I’m ready to try and help him in every way. One of my dear friends is certified in reflexology and while I do feel this is "out there" I’m also going to be seeing her with E man she feels she can help him with his asthma and his behavior issues. I figure it’s not going to hurt him, why not? THey wanted to put Eman into the summer program because he is so severely delayed in some areas (this really pisses me off-haven’t I been having him evaluated and asking for help all along and early intervention has told me he is NOT delayed!!!!???, didn’t they also tell this to his first foster family!!!???) thanks EI for nothing….grrrrrrrr. Sorry rant over. Anyway we’re going to be gone for 5 of the 7 week program and so they did not end up putting him in for the summer. I will continue with our ot/pt twice a week and what I do at home. Also we will be swimming every day it’s possible so he’ll be getting a lot of that large sensory input (swimming is therapy for E man), his sister will be home and they give him the extra stimulation I just can’t-they both adore him and treat him as if he is the prince of the universe. The GREAT news is that my son is FINALLY getting HELP!!! Starting in September he will be in a fabulous integrated pre-K program!!!


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