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Fish oil is magic….

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on May 11, 2009

So I’m willing to try just about anything. Two of my friends have told me about this liquid fish oil from Norway that worked wonders for their sensory/ADHD children. One of my friends felt it “cured” her son. I thought she was smoking something. The other friend who’s son has the exact same diagnosis and behaviors as Everett (how blessed I am to have her in my life) said it significantly helped her son. I’m a skeptic about things like this but…you know we’ve had a few horrible weeks. Guess what!? After spending $50 for one bottle of very expensive Norwegian fish oil and immediately going home and dosing E man I am a believer.

Also btw E can’t taste it-wonders of wonders, memories of my Grandmother giving me codliver oil running through my head as I opened the “Orange” flavored bottle not believing it actually did not reek of fish and thinking no way is Everett going to take the nasty stuff. Anyway it really does smell and taste like orange I put it in a shot glass with a little orange juice and he drank it up. We were having typical (as of late) behavior issues all morning long and were on our way out the door to a b-day party. Everett was raging because he wanted to open the present and keep it for himself and actually grabbed it and ran while I chased him down. I asked him if he wanted to go to the party or not, he said “no”. It was a superhero party, costumes drive his sensory self up the wall and I already knew he wouldn’t wear the cape I had made him and the batman mask but I made it anyway hoping he might when he saw the other superheroes. He picked out spiderman floaties (like for swimming) and wanted to wear those. Fine….but then that morning it was apparent he wouldn’t make it through the party. He screamed 20 minutes there. Then suddenly it was like a magic wand had been waved. He stopped screaming, started TALKING about the b-day party for 10 minutes. We get there he gets out of the car sees all the other boys dressed up in costumes and asks me for his BATMAN costume, he puts on a mask!!! Holy smokes I was mad I didn’t have my camera, then he puts on the cape. If his cape came off he wanted it back on. He stood in a line, he waited for his turn in all of the games, he only needed one redirection (honest to God this is a miracle for E man), there were other children melting down-which I understand-but for the first time in our life it wasn’t E, he was appropriate! He was still Everett, amazing physically, faster then the other kids, more daring, all that makes him who he is πŸ™‚ but it was as if this bundle of nervous energy had disapated before my eyes. Lately I could see him simmering ready to explode and know that at any moment there would be a meltdown and that I was helpless to prevent.Β  He did try to blow out the candles during the birthday song but hey he’s 3 years old and when I prevented him from doing so he threw himself on the ground-typically this means a knock down drawn out fit, specifically recently, instead he picked himself up and was happily waiting for his slice of cake. He is also sleeping again! And then Sunday was a repeat of amazingly good behavior. He had his best day ever at church. One hour of sitting still is impossible for most 3 year olds and for Everett it’s just been torture. We don’t usually make it more then 20 minutes before having to leave the room and do other things. I bring things for him to do, its not as if I force him to sit there and listen, I also bring snacks. Anyway he made it one hour for the first time EVER!!! Not only did he make it one hour he played with his toys for one hour-the same toys. This is a first for him. He also played ONE game at a time yesturday!!! In addition toa ll of this he got massive compliments from his Nursery teachers, things like “he sat for snack time, he listened and participated in music time…” I’ve never heard this before about Everett. It was the best mother’s day present I could have received. We went to my in-laws this is usually the worst and most horrible time for me. I was not happy we were going but….plans fell through for the mother’s day picnic at the park (it was cold) so there we were. And my son was not bouncing and whacking himself into walls because of over-stimulation. He was appropriate he sat at the computer with DH and played games, he sat for his dinner! Afterwards we got in the car and went for a drive. DH and I were talking and dh being a Dr had done some research on the fish oil the night before. Apparently there are several medical studies that support the fish oil helping our son. We both talked about how his behaviors were outside of his control. We know that now, I mean we felt it before but it was frustrating, but seeing the night and day difference we realized that he honestly could not help the way he was behaving-that it was chemical/physical and not anger or his choosing to be “bad.” I know we have more work to do but I feel for the first time that now we can work with him, that we have uncovered a little bit of what can unlock the greatness he has inside. Today so far he has been an angel….I am crying just typing this. I have never been around the Everett who could control his behavior. Some things have helped him but NOTHING like this, I mean OT/PT has worked miracles but not even close to what this has done for him-not even in the same ball park! πŸ™‚

I’m now giving this oil to all of my children (exeption of baby Gabriel) and taking it myself :).


3 Responses to “Fish oil is magic….”

  1. Linda said

    Oh, PLEASE for the love of SANITY! What is the name of this product and where do I get it? My little E has many of the same issues. The ADHD drugs are not working. He’s also full of tics and the drugs that work make him tic like a clock! I’ve heard about using fish oil, but never read an account of anyone having success. Thanks!

  2. footstepsonmyheart said

    I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my blog as frequently as I usually do, please let me know if you get this. If you go to any health store ask for a quality fish oil in liquid form-that doesn’t taste-they can steer you in the right direction. There are several brands that would have done the same thing. I am told that in the North country we should switch to cod-liver for Vitamin D in the winter months only. I have the regular fish oil right now. Its somewhat pricey (but it lasts forever so dont’ worry) You must keep it in the fridge to avoid that fishy smell/taste. Mine is orange flavored. I put it in a shot glass w/ some orange juice and he drinks it right up. Still noting an even more manageable mood when he takes it vs. if we forget.

  3. Linda said

    Thank you so much! Bubba thanks you. Dad thanks you. All of the sisters and brothers thank you. I’ll be going out to get some tomorrow. Glad to know that it’s working for your kiddo!

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