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I’ve got good news :)!!!

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on May 6, 2009

Well whatever Everett is going through right now landed him right into special Pre-K program :). Okay I have to see the bright side of this otherwise I may loose it….I wish we knew what it was causing his sensory issues to overload. It isn’t JUST baby Gabriel. He is out of control, none of my parenting skills touch this behavior. The only thing that relaxes him and stops behavior is “squishy” which is me giving him deep sensory massage while he lies on his belly-something we have done this week countless times. Also what is great is that he is asking for “squishy” when he is overwhelmed.Problem is that he immediately returns to behavior when he is done with getting his deep sensory input.

I am ordering a neoprene vest, praying this helps. I’ve talked with several parents of sensory kids and ALL of them have told me 3 years was the worst. He also has a duel flag possible diagnosis of ADHD which doesn’t surprise me. (we had a full psych eval today-it went wonderful which means he has some HUGE acting out issues that qualify him for special pre-k.) This all started in March, we had some regression but since Gabriel came home it has progressed to major sensory out of control behavior when we are out in public. Life has been interesting….

We had a 3 hour Dr appointment with Mikayla this week, it is for her sports injuries….gah dont’ get me started about that, not happy about gymnastics at the moment but she lives breathes and will “die” without it. Anyway our sitter cancelled 10 minutes before the appointment. I knew taking Everett was too much. I took chewies with me (sanctioned candy in the form of “fruit snacks” they are my last resort) that got us through 3 minutes. I am not exaggerating. Nothing I normally did with him worked. Now mind you this is in the waiting room. I am not kidding when I say he is out of control. He is a danger to himself, to me, to those around him, to the furniture….it is NOT my son but this is how he is acting. So I ended up sitting on the floor with him holding him while he hit and kicked me. The baby sleeping in his car seat a room full of people staring at me and my son like we were both insane. 3 hours later we had some brief moments of normal, some squishy times, but mostly acting out. I had to speak with M’s dr and he actually yelled at E man. Which really pissed me off considering #1 yelling doesn’t do anything for Everett but make it worse, I know this because I am not a perfect mother and have occasionally lost it and yelled at mo son…and #2 basically it makes his behavior worse. #3 NOBODY yells at my kids!!! Consequences and time outs are what has worked for him in the past, also bribery. But nothing is working for him right now. And Dr yelling at my son because he was screaming his lungs out did absolutely nothing to help the situation other then piss me off. So we will not be returning to this Dr and I’m fairly certain he will be happy to know this as well.

At home he is okay other then the getting into things which to be honest has always been my E man and our house is old, not an open floor plan, way too big and with a baby around he has too many opportunities to sneak away and get into things and make messes-that is okay, I can live with that. He is never without supervision for more then 5 minutes, honestly he can’t handle it, and my house is 100%  childproofed so…..while it is driving me a little crazy he is happy, he is not throwing his body around and crashing into objects, he is not hitting, kicking, screaming, crying……he is just Everett who is more sneaky then he used to be about getting into things and making messes. I spent a fortune on some more sensory tactile toys and we are rotating them, this seems to be helping (a little :)) I’ll take what I can get. Its out in public Anyway this pre-K is the best news we have received in a long long long time. E man needs some help, I need a BREAK!!!

Also good news is that Gabriel is the absolute easiest baby possibly on the planet earth. God knew what he was doing :). He is so easy to smile-he really is an “angel” I LOVE that his name suits him. He even laughs in his sleep. Jams and I find ourselves staring at him all night long.

I better go, E is sleeping but I need to wake up up so he’ll sleep tonight. I will maybe write about our psych eval….it was truthfully a nightmare and now I can be happy about how it turned out but when I got in the car (had to be helped to the car, 2nd time in a week) I cried my eyes out. This is the 3rd time I have cried my eyes out this week becaue of E. I usually try not to do it in front of him….anyway really better g


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