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Best Christmas Ever??? Almost

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on December 27, 2008

For our little bit of Christmas giving we did a paper route for one of my single mom heroes. She is almost finished with her psych major while working 2 part time jobs, raising 3 children, keeping her house and car against incredible odds…. She is amazing. We wanted to let her have Christmas morning with her kiddoes. So we volunteered and she reluctantly let us. the Sunday before Christmas she got up to give a talk. She was asked to talk about her best Christmas ever. She made me cry off¬† my mascara when she said that this year would be her best Christmas ever because she would be able to sleep in and spend it with her children, such a simple thing….

Thankfully my youngest SIL came with us. It made it so much faster. I told them where to go and handed dh and SIL the papers. We left at 4 AM the kids all bundled up and in the car. My kiddoes usually wake up at 3 AM and we let them, yes I know…so we actually slept in an hour later then usual. We had a detailed map of the route. It was in the most beautiful post world war II architecture inspired from France neighborhood. All these gingerbread stone houses…Christmas lights. We got to see families opening their presents through the window. Oh and we have snow, tons of it. Mid-way through the route Everett threw up. He had never been car sick but I think that must have been it. So it smelled pretty bad and our mommy friend actually has 2 routes….so we had another 1 1/2 to finish delivering. We were all hanging our heads out the window. Poor Everett didn’t seem to mind snuggling in his puke coverered blanket. We got home and I gave him a bath and threw puke clothes in the washer. Then we opened our presents around 8. The finale was the reveal of the girls room which was unforgetable. Even if Everett did get sick-he bounced back and he really “got” it this year! Too much fun. ūüôā ….next to having our baby for Christmas I can’t imagine a better day. While we dh tried to clean up the huge mess of boxes and those stupid plastic things that make it impossible to get toys out I fixed a simple Christmas meal. We finished off the day meeting at my in-laws where Everett, James and I crashed then opened presents with the extended family.

OH I got my dream stroller and glider rocking chair! Thank you sweetie pie! Here’s a picture of Everett on my glider. 022

All we need is a baby!

Next year we are going to Mexico for Christmas, really, no presents, no rooms, no fuss-no commercialism, no tree, I know…ba humbug but its something I’ve always wanted to do. We already have the reservations (well sort of…my side of the family is working on it) we plan on taking some things for a Children’s home and instead of spending $ on Christmas we will give to those kiddoes:) my dad is fluent in Spanish and one brother speaks Portugeuse and Spanish so it should be an interesting week, spent 2 years in South America and 1 year in Mexico city my dad lived in Spain and has always kept up on his Spanish he’s friends with several Mexican sheep herders in Wyoming…I’m so looking forward to this even if its only for a week or two. Its all in the works….by then we will have our baby.


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It was worth it…really it was.

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on December 27, 2008

005 5 days before Christmas and the girls room looked like this-this is after 2 weeks of scraping. My laundry was piled to the ceiling, we haven’t had a decent meal in weeks, I look like a zombie……I was ready for a nervous breakdown. Poor Everett had been watching the “train movie” non-stop. Then we called in some help.

My dh’s entire family came over working non-stop to get it done. Here is Mal (youngest SIL) and Mickey on top of the girls closet scraping wallpaper, paint and gunk layered on over the last 120 years.


When we were down to the plaster walls…we realized it would take a Christmas miracle to get a mud guy in and get it done because they were past our limited experience to fix. Thankfully our handyman was able to come over last minute and in 2 days we were ready to paint. Then James, my MIL, SIL’s, and myself painted non stop for 2 days-finishing Christmas eve day.

The kiddoes were sent to Grandma’s house with my SIL while everyone came and helped put the loft house bed together. My MIL and FIL wrapped all of our presents (we hide them at their house) for us as another suprise for us (THANK YOU!). The girls thought they were having a fun sleep over with their aunt who is home from college ūüôā Christmas Eve. Everett enjoyed the girls bed before they did, finding cubbies to hide in while we got everything set up. Christmas eve our presents were delivered by Santa (Grandpa) with a code so all I had to do was label them. I wrapped Mickey’s i-pod in 6 or 7 different boxes….cause she only had about 3 things to open. Then I put together a little treasure hunt to their room to be opened last. I video taped the entire thing…will upload as soon as I figure it out, if not DH has promised to help me today….until then I want to leave the finished product a surprise. Oh we didn’t have a chance to put the flowers on the wall…saving a few things for the girls to help us with. It turned out perfect. THe video is priceless.

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Christmas Pics

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on December 27, 2008


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Where is my baby…Christmas!!! Oh and my life is craaazzzy!

Posted by footstepsonmyheart on December 11, 2008

It looks like we will not have our baby before Christmas :(. The agency knows in advance if they have infants who will be available for adoption as the 4 week relinquishment period nears the end, they would have called us by now asking us if we wanted to be presented, giving us the heads up, letting us go over medical records and talk with our Pediatrician. I am okay with this, really I am…okay so maybe not but we will move on.


Life is fairly hecitc right now and perhaps its best that we wait a few weeks, hopefully¬† not months. All that baby talk right before Everett’s finalization got me very worked up and thinking we would have a baby within days.


This week we are stripping wallpaper. The dressers are in the hallway, the girls are sharing a bed in Mikayla’s (soon to be baby Emma’s room). We nixed the plan to put on wallpaper over the old becuase we were told it wouldn’t work. I found a picture that my g irls loved, there are faux gerber daisies that look like they are blooming on the wall, its going to be awesome.¬†I’ll take pics when we are done.¬†I know it will be worth it when its over but right now my house is turned upside down.


We¬†HAVE to get it done before Christmas…its an intricate part of our Christmas gift for the girls. I want to pull my hair out. We have to work on in when Everett is sleeping because this is an old house and there is lead paint.¬†So the wallpaper comes up and underneath looks like regular wall, its not it’s a fine layer¬†of kilz paint.¬†Then it starts to bubble up, we find¬†layer after layer of old wallpaper. Then there is this mustard yellow paint that is chipping off (lead anyone?),¬†finally¬†we get to 1880’s plaster wall that easily chips away if you aren’t careful. It was fun…for awhile. Now I am terrified we won’t get done! But we must. After the stripping of the 15 foot HUGE room of walls (after two days I have one wall partially done) we will need to mud and sand all of the dings. Then we put a primar down, then we get to paint the trim, then we paint the walls……..To top it off our kitten ended up with a U.T.I. and decided their carpet was a nice place to releive herself. I didn’t notice…unti it was awful. Thankfully she is recovered but the carpet, not so much. So we have to get the carpets professionaly cleaned-ABC chem dry can get it out-they’ve done it for us once before (thank God for small miracles), but not until after all the stripping and painting is done. I’ve done the best I can with a UV light and¬†¬†urine removal¬†cleaning products dh can order through the clinic but, it just¬†grosses me out to know its in the sub floor. I am not a clean freak but animal urine/feces is something¬†that drives me bananas. LOVE our furry family but this makes me want to give them all away, dont’ worry I won’t.¬†And next time I need to pay more attention to my kitty…I should have known something was wrong with her.¬†¬†


I am excited, though, I mean dying for Christmas-this may be our best Christmas ever!!! Well next to having a baby¬†:(. ¬†My youngest SIL is taking the girls Christmas eve for a few hours while we have the entire clan come over and help us put together the girls house bed-they won’t be allowed into their room because I am wrapping presents for the family in there.

Christmas morning I have an elaborate scavenger hunt planned to their bedroom right after we open all of the presents. Oh and as for Everett…its ridiculous. As in I have no idea what I am going to do with all that dh bought for him. I had to seriously yell at dh at toys R us to STOP. He tried to buy out the store in Everett’s age group. I had already purchased online what I wanted to get him, this was just to let dh have a little fun…it ended up out of control crazy. Its the whole boy thing…he’s never gotten into princess shopping at that age for our girls, wonder why? But everything is different now. He was like a kid…anyway I still need to go through Everett’s old toys and get rid of most of them or we are going to have to build a room just to hold¬†it all.¬†¬†But the most exciting part for me is what we will do before our presents….


Last year dh got called to be Scout Master at our church. He has had a few of the older boys over for planning sessions, they slept in our aparement that we don’t use (its haunted..really it is) anyway dh has it set up as a “man cave” with a projection screen movie theater and video games so they beg to come over whenever they get a chance. Most of them are from the “inner city” well its not really but¬†high crime rate, poverty.¬†The girls and I do not like to go in there becuase you don’t feel right in there….not to mention the bats. Yes bats…supposedly they are gone, but….the idea that one may have snuck in past the exterminator does not bode well with me or the girls. Anyway one of the boys that I adore, he is red headed, adorable 14 year old boy…I love him…he’s just amazing. His dad died when he was a baby, his mom is one of my heroes. She remarried and has two biracial children with her 2nd husband. They are such a sweet family. Her husband is a nice guy but he has serious alcohol addiction issues. He is in prison due to too many DUI’s. They are in process of getting divorced, she’s had enough and refused to mortgage their house to help him out of jail, this time. She has had to work two jobs¬†while going to school so she can further her career, and keep the house. She¬†wakes up at 4 am every morning to do a paper route. She bundles all of her kiddoes in the car with her. EVERY morning including Christmas, mother’s day, her birthday, when she is sick….


Dh and I decided on Christmas day we are going to do her paper route for her as a family.¬†Dh told her on Sunday. She is so sweet, she didn’t want us to. I think it embarrased her a little. ¬†She never asks for help…I shouldn’t even be¬†writing about this…but¬†I figure its anonymous and nobody knows our last name…can’t possibly know who I’m writing about. ¬†I saw her a few minutes later after dh had talked with her (privatly) and her eyes were red rimmed. She hugged me and thanked me…I started to cry. This woman never gets a break…and she is always happy, she never complains. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Its such a little thing but I”m glad she will let us do this for her. We’ve explained to the girls and they are excited, well after a little talking about what Christmas is really about giving and helping others and NOT¬†what we get. We’ll blindfold the children and get them into the car, we’ll have donuts and hot chocolate and deliver papers so she can sleep in (or not its¬†Christmas after all) and open presents with her kiddoes. We should be done by 6 am. ¬†Then we will speed home and have our Christmas morning.


Onto baby timing and our Florida trip..I called last week. The gist I got is that we should go ahead and plan ahead, just make sure SW has our cell phone and hotel numbers incase she needs to call us. If we do have our baby by then she will be going with us on our 2nd honeymoon :). I was thinking it would be a wonderful way for dh and I to bond just with her, a week to be with her, no gymnastics, no horse lessons, no swim/ot therapy for Everett, just baby and the two of us. I know it would have been nice to be sans children, but that day will come. We may be without baby anyway but I am still hoping we will have her BEFORE the end of January-really please!? That newborn stage is hard as in sleepless nights w/ frequent feedings but easy in that if they are relativly happy and colic free, snuggled into a sling you can take them anywhere, movies, the beach, out to eat, and they sleep through most of it-we may have to skip the theme parks, but my favorite is sea world which would be easy with a baby.


I have no idea how I raised Mikayla and Cady without slings and mei tai’s. It saved my bacon when I was fostering infants. I didn’t have a single baby who didn’t love to be in the cocoon of a sling (okay so there were only 2 infants after my thankful discovery of the sling). Often people didn’t even know a baby was with me when I would go out in the newborn stage. Not only that I could quite easily handle an overactive 2 year old and an infant…which is saying a lot. Everett has never been easy, I wouldn’t want him any other way but…he has a dare devil streak in him that scares the hell out of me. He¬†has always kept us on our toes.

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Posted by footstepsonmyheart on December 11, 2008

We got our camera back…unfortunatly most of the family pictures did not turn out, camera was being tempermental. So I have a few but mostly of his party afterwards.


MIL…is working on a suprise for me, so I think that is why we do not have a picture CD from her yet, knowing her quite well she will have something beautifully framed for us-Christmas day. Anyway. I do have some snap shots I can FINALLY share. The first two are of the ceremony…the only ones that turned out :(. It was so beautiful….feel badly I didn’t get some better pictures. Then there are a few from the party that turned out :(. Wish I had more. 023





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